Anodizing Tips


Tape - Tape is effective for holding bundles of aluminum together, BUT when you pull the tape off, the glue can remain on the metal and it is almost invisble. If the glue is not removed it can resist the anodizing process and leave bumps and bare spots behind.


Welding - If you are going to weld parts together, make sure that you use a welding rod that is compatible with anodizing. The wrong rod can turn jet black if used by mistake.


Close Tolerence - Be sure to inform the anodizer if your parts are close tolerance so he can take precautions, as the process can change the tolerances.

Alloys - Be aware that different alloys can vary slightly in colour when anodized.

Foreign Metals - Metals such as steel, brass, stainless steel will dissolve rapidly in the ANODIZING PROCESS and should be removed before anodizing if possible.

Water - Try to store your aluminum so that it's clean and dry. Water in the form of rain, if it's outside, or even dampness if it's inside, can cause corrosion and pitting to form on the surface. This can result in a poor finish.

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